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Pastor Jeff Lee

Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward. Psalm 127:3

For those who understand the precious gift that children are from God the knee jerk instinct when they are hurt is to protect them at any and all cost. And that response is appropriate when their threatened with physical pain of abuse. We live in a world where life is considered cheap by far too many. But this is not a new phenomenon, throughout history children have always suffered because of man's fallen and sinful condition. The last posting before this article was about the cruel and heinous practice of abortion. We need to protect our children.


Having said that, I want to talk about something that is hurtful to both parents and children. What I am talking about is when careless words come out of our mouths and they land deep upon the heart of the one who loves the little one, not to mention the heart of the child. 

We have all said things for which we are sorry for saying. It is how we handle it afterwards. As a pastor, and for some years a youth pastor, I heard many careless words spoken by those who are carrying out ministry to young ones. I am sure that the same is true if one were to talk to teachers at school, coaches on the field and those who instruct cheerleaders, little league ball players and the list could go on endlessly. 

And the kids aren't always innocent by any means. They can push an adult right to the very limits giving up and quitting. But the challenge is to represent Christ to them and sometimes it is to the parents of the child. Sometimes it isn't so much the child, but the parent who is offended for their child.

So let's look at two issues that can help us as we work with these young lives that are a gift from God. If you are a school teacher, coach, Sunday School teacher, or children's worker pray before you engage kids. Asking God for wisdom and guidance when working with little ones is the best thing you can do. Another thing to consider is that when we work with kids we don't know what kind of experience they have had before they walk into our classroom. They can have a bad morning just like us. I won't labor it anymore, but they are the ones we are called to influence and make into responsible adults someday. Now remember I am talking about hurtful words coming out of our mouths, I am not talking about not disciplining a child with verbal correction. There's a big difference between saying, "okay it is time to straighten up and focus on what we're trying to do," and " you're hopeless. You'll never amount to anything!" One is correctional the other is hurtful. If the hurtful is spoken, it can be mended and healed through the simple act of genuinely  apologizing.  "I'm sorry" spoken from a sincere heart is good for children to hear as much as it is for them to learn to say.

The other thing is advice from a pastor which has had his children hurt by adults who were tasked with teaching and instructing them. When such incidents have occurred, I approached the teacher and found out what was going on and what took place. And there have even been times when I witnessed my child being mistreated verbally and my heart ached, but I addressed it. But what I never did was avoid it, nor did I allow my child to avoid it. Why? Because I wanted them to learn that in life there is going to be those who may not speak or treat us nicely and we still have to go to work, worship or play on the same team. 


As this new school year starts very soon let's aim to be careful how we speak to those given to our instruction and influence. Whether we are at school, church, or on the playing field let's use the opportunity to build up and not tear down.


And in the event that we lose our control and let frustration get the better of us, then let us set the example and apologize. And parents don't make the mistake of letting your child get away without apology if they were disrespectful or misbehaving. Let's have a great new year this school year!  

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