Roads Once Traveled

My wife and I went on a trip just a few weeks ago and it happened to take down roads that we once traveled years ago. Those roads we were rolling over provided us with hours of conversation and recollections of many memories. We recalled experiences that we shared as a young married couple starting out together, and people we met along our way. Traveling through Indiana we remembered our time of me attending Bible school and preparing for the ministry, and our first church at which I was a youth pastor. We enjoyed ourselves reminiscing over the places and people that helped shape our lives for ministry. Two persons came to mind as I was driving through central Indiana. Both men helped shape me spiritually and philosophically for ministry. One man was the person God used to get me into college to prepare for ministry, Dr. Seaborn. There is not a week that has gone by in my ministry when his face and voice has not spoken to me. A gifted speaker and a good friend, I aspire to be like him still. God used him to draw me into discovering what ministry is really about,... relationship with God. Helping people establish and grow a