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What Are You Prepared to Do? Part 2

Taking the fight to the enemy is not as easy as it sounds. Like any endeavor there must be preparation for the ensuing challenge lest we end up as casualties of the conflict. So back to the original question from the last blog, "what are you prepared to do?". If you and I were planning to climb Mount Everest we would, without a doubt, prepare ourselves for the arduous adventure. We would gather all the equipment needed for us to make the journey and to survive the perils. But one of the most important things we would do from the very outset of making the decision to conquer Everest would be to train and prepare ourselves for the journey. We would probably have to start hiking very rigorous trails through mountains of higher elevation or do cardio wearing a altitude training mask so that our bodies could withstand the thin air of the higher elevations. We would maybe take up rock climbing and rappelling to prepare for the unexpected. The fact of the matter we would put ourselves to serious preparations so as to survive the challenge. We would not go into combat without preparing ourselves for the rigors of the battlefield. We would train with weapons, learn tactics and survival techniques. We would also condition ourselves for the stress physically that combat would place upon us. So, if we are going to truly take the fight to the enemy then what are we preparing ourselves to surviving the fight with the enemy? We should be training with our weapons daily so as to become proficient. The weapons we use are prayer and the Word of God. We need to be expert marksman with our prayers with the ability to call in, with precision, an airstrike from Heaven. We should be able to wield the Sword of the Spirit of God, which is the Word of God, with expert agility being able to strike at the very heart of the enemy's schemes. Is that what you have prepared yourself for? Will you be able to take the fight to the enemy and survive? Will you be able to inflict damage to Satan and his cohorts. When he attacks your family will you be able to bring the forces of Heaven against him through the precision of prayer? When he comes against your way of life through cultural trends or through attacking morality will you be able to fend off his advances with the scripture?

Maybe to ensure that we are victorious in our struggle with the enemy we should train with the same dedication and preparation that we would use if we were climbing Everest or going into combat. Because in reality, the struggle with Satan and his cohorts is even more real than climbing the tallest mountain or going into combat. We must be prepared for the conflict. We must be prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure the protection of our family, church and culture. To do nothing is to let evil triumph. This is the time to rally around the banner of the Lord.

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