What Are You Prepared to Do? Part 2

Taking the fight to the enemy is not as easy as it sounds. Like any endeavor there must be preparation for the ensuing challenge lest we end up as casualties of the conflict. So back to the original question from the last blog, "what are you prepared to do?". If you and I were planning to climb Mount Everest we would, without a doubt, prepare ourselves for the arduous adventure. We would gather all the equipment needed for us to make the journey and to survive the perils. But one of the most important things we would do from the very outset of making the decision to conquer Everest would be to train and prepare ourselves for the journey. We would probably have to start hiking very rigorous trails through mountains of higher elevation or do cardio wearing a altitude training mask so that our bodies could withstand the thin air of the higher elevations. We would maybe take up rock climbing and rappellin