Does your life distract you from Jesus… Or do you focus on Jesus to race through life?

The Noise in the Silence

I ran cross country in school.

My parents would try and make every cross country meet. They would give me last minute tips as I walked to the starting line. All of the racers would line up…. And wait for the starter gun to signal us. Everyone would quiet as we waited.


Boom! The gun would go off.

Shouts and yelling erupted from the coaches, teammates and parents as the herd of us took off. As soon as we were down the course, silence would settle again. The majority of a cross country meet is run in silence other than the breathing and padding of feet of the racers.

I would focus on my training, breathing, and the course, and tuning out anything that could distract me… like side cramps, my position in the herd of runners, or anything that happened before or will happen after the race.

Halfway through the race, I could hear yelling and shouting of encouragement again as I approached the crowd of coaches and parents. I would squirt water into my mouth, while still running, and toss the water bottle to the ground. Run back into the silence.

This is where runners start listening to the noise in the silence…

To Run 23.6 Miles Is The Same As Living Daily for Christ?

Before I tell you what the noise is… let me share with you from the Bible.