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The Great Unknown

I love Steven Curtis Chapman's music. I used to fall asleep listening to his albums with headphones every night. I really like his lyrics because he seemed to sum up into words what I was feeling as a follower of Jesus, specifically a minister. When I said yes to serving God as a minister I really had no idea where He would take me. It was as Steven says in his song the Great Adventure, a ride into the glorious unknown. But I have to admit there were some times when it didn't strike me as that glorious. In fact, it seemed a little frightening at times. I have been serving in ministry nearly 31 years and following where God leads me is still glorious unknown laced with frightening moments. But as I reflect on this life God has called me to, I am humbled that out of all His vast creation, He would choose me to be a servant of His and to have the honor of preaching His Word. His Word, lately that has taken on a lot more significance for me. Probably because His Word is being challenged and disregarded at every turn. Our culture mocks it and laughs at it calling it outdated and irrelevant never giving thought that the principles of freedom that it exist under came from God's Word. The government, judicial system and even the church is relegating the unchangeable truth of God's Word to antiquated propositions. But I will say, as I have preached it, the Word of God is truth and absolute and isn't up for change or for reinterpretation to meet society's fads or give credence to its declining morals. The Word of God is more important today than ever! And we all need to heed the call to follow Jesus into the glorious unknown. The coming year, without a doubt, will hold changes for the church, me, my family and for you, my friends. Let us commit to praying for each other and holding up one another with the love of Jesus. My greatest honor that Jesus has given me has been the privilege of being His under-shepherd for such a wonderful flock. Over the years I have had the privilege of expanding my family of choice as Dawn and I have developed wonderful and eternal friendships with so many. This Christmas season I am thankful to Jesus for the gift of salvation and the gift of each one of you. I don't know what the coming year holds, but I know who holds it and me and I know He is more than able to do exceedingly more than I could imagine. I look forward to serving you in the coming year. And let us trust God for the outcome. Our unknown is known to Him and I trust Him, for He is my hope.

Have a Merry Christmas! For Jesus is the reason for the season.

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